Speak Up!

Speak Up!

Here lately my heart has been hurting for lost people. People who let go of their relationship with God, people who don’t understand, and those who don’t want anything to do with Him. It’s heart breaking. It’s serious and so sad. We all know people who are like this. The first question that comes to my mind is why?!? Why does this happen? They have allowed things in there life that opened the door for the enemy to press in and confuse them with lies. Either that person wasn’t raised to believe or they were but backed away. It normally happens slowly. It always starts with a selfish desire. One thought at a time or one temptation at a time has lead them to a place where they have no connection with God whatsoever. (If you haven’t read my blog on Connection click HERE ) Or maybe they were raised to believe there was no God and science is the answer. They have never fully allowed God into there lives and have no understanding about it at all. Maybe they think us Christians are just crazy people believing in something “impossible.” This kind of person has never encountered Gods mighty work. They are all in the facts and stuck in thought. They haven’t opened there hearts. They haven’t experienced it, therefore how are they suppose to know? Well we have to speak up!

Live It Out!

If we want to save the lost we need to bring Jesus to them. Not keep it in our circle of church friends. Most unsaved people don’t want to come to church and don’t want anything to do with any of it. You should always try though. The presence of God in Church can do miracles but it’s hard to get people who don’t want to come to come and experience it. Most don’t even want to open themselves up to it. We as Christians are to make disciples and spread the word. The bible tells us to! When we live out our day to day lives we are suppose to be a living example of Gods love and grace! Not just in our words and the things we share on Facebook but by the kindness in our eyes and the look on our face. The way we communicate to people every day. The things we do to help. People who aren’t saved don’t always feel the presence of God. They have pushes themselves so far gone they don’t have any connection. But they do watch how we act and how we look. (Go and read more about this subject HERE ) Our outer appearance is very important!


God does so much for me in my life and has blessed me with an incredible testimony. Not because of anything that I’ve done but because of who he is and how much he loves every single individual he created. When you give your life over to Christ it gives him the permission to do amazing works. Blessing, favor, healing, joy, peace, I can’t even put into words what all he can do. It’s a never-ending list. But when these things happen we need to SHARE!!!! It’s so very important! I’m not talking about just sharing it here and there to your fellow christian friends and family. I’m talking about an obnoxious share to people who don’t believe. When you pray you can actually say “God give me an opportunity to share what you have done.” He will! Trust me! I’ve been in that situation. When the opportunity comes you need to be prepared. Ask God “God, please give me the words to explain myself so they can understand.” He will help you! I remember the very first time I shared my testimony at 11 years old on TBN (If you don’t know that is a christian television network) and my parents helped me pray this prayer. God really spoke through me. When I got done I had no idea what I said. I knew God communicated through me. When you ask Him to He really will. So share your story. Maybe it will speak to people and spur a thought. You never know what God will do when you I’ve him the glory and credit.

Stay Strong!

In other words, don’t waver in your faith. God’s word is full of promises and he will always win. Be secure in that. Strive to have a consistent lifestyle. Don’t say one thing and do another. Talk to God and educate yourself in his word on a regular basis. Basically what I’m saying here is that we need to be prepared for any kind of situation to come our way. If it’s being able to share your testimony, withstanding temptation so you don’t end up lost and confused, or if its just living your life everyday as an example. We need to be ready and strong in the Lord. We need to be ready to speak up!

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Prom Season!!!!!!


It’s right around the corner! I cannot wait! I love doing prom makeup! It’s a fun time to get creative and dramatic. Dramatic makeup calls my name everyday and now I can finally answer. Praise Jesus! I’ve been researching this years makeup trends and thinking about who my test subjects will be. I can’t wait to show you guys my ideas.

I plan on posting a simple and a dramatic prom look tutorial. I will also be posting pictures of my models wearing prom makeup.

Last year I did a lot of glittery eyes and this year I’m considering glittery lips… What do you think?????

Here are some picture of my work from last year!

I’ve been asked a lot lately about doing event makeup and freelancing. I am currently in the process of getting an official plan of action for that so pricing and details will be posted somewhere sooner or later.

So share this information to any of those girlies going to room this year!

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Still learning!

Hey, guys!

I’ve posted a couple of things on Make It Up With Em so far but they aren’t the best quality yet. I’m still learning how to do some things and it just takes time and practice. Thanks to everyone supporting me in this. It REALLY helps to see your comments, likes and shares. It’s also good to get feedback. Or else I feel like I’m talking to myself. And I know that’s not the case… lol

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Today I got to hangout with one of my favorites, Ella-Claire. She helped me learn how to edit and film using a camera today. So…

Here is a cute little video of Ella-Claire showing us how she does her makeup. 

Valentines Day

Well, Valentines Day is officially over! It’s currently 12:53pm as I’m writing this post. I had a good night out with Chase. What did you guys do for valentines day? I would love to hear about it. In the day time I was working and brainstorming about Make it up with Em. I have a few ideas on tutorials and reviews but I would really love to hear from you guys on what kinds of things you would like to see. Feel free to comment or ask any questions at all. It will take a while for things to start picking up as I am learning. Until then I hope you follow me on this journey:)

This is the makeup look I wore for Valentines Day. If you would like for me to recreate it on a tutorial comment below to let me know. 

Here is a random song thats been stuck in my head for forever. Like years! No joke! If your ever wondering what’s going on in my head it’s either this song or a Kari Jobe song! But yeah I thought it’s the perfect song to post on such a lovie day:)


And Happy Valentines Day!!!!!:)


My Thoughts on Inner Beauty

“If the world was blind how many people would you impress?” – unknown

“If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?”  -unknown

Wow…thats deep huh?

Life is so hard sometimes. Dealing with unfair situations and dealing with other imperfect people is difficult. We all have our problems and flaws in how we deal with things.

Growing up I remember my children’s pastor preach that when your close to God and you talk to him and spend time with him daily it’s like being under an umbrella of protection. When we step out from that umbrella it leaves us vulnerable to the storm. And I have found that to be so true in my own life. When I haven’t had my “God time” I start having insecure thoughts and I’m not a peace with situations. But when I make sure to put time aside for God and give him my insecurities and fears he puts me at peace and brings me joy. So when a negative situation comes my way I don’t have anything negative to put out. I gave all that negativity to God and I’m secure in him.

Praise God that we don’t have to prove ourselves to anyone. We don’t have to be known by anyone. We don’t have to fight anymore. God paid the price on the cross and he is our defender and protector. The enemy would love to make you think you have to fight, defend, and protect. But the fact/truth is that God took care of that a long time ago when Jesus died on the cross. So put down the sword your fighting with.

The bible is full of promises. Promises of protection, love, favor, blessings, and grace. Be secure in that. Fight with that. Declare that over your life. That way when another imperfect person comes against you, a bad situation comes up, or if your listening to your own negative human thoughts you can stand strong and be “Godfident” he will keep his promises.

There is a much bigger picture than what we see. Widen your vision. We are all human. We aren’t perfect. It’s no surprise that we mess up or someone else messed up. We know we aren’t perfect. God knows we aren’t perfect. We need to stop feeling ashamed and shaming other people. We still need to be sound with right and wrong. But we need to be loving. Loving anyway doesn’t mean we approve. Love is Love.

God is in control of all situations. Let go and let God be your umbrella. We can’t do it on our own because we aren’t perfect. So stay consistent in your payer time and allow God to make you shine beautiful from the inside out.

I’m going to be posting positive and encouraging content on this section of my website. A lot of it will just be random stuff that is on my heart. I can’t wait to share my heart with you guys! Stay in the loop and visit my website often so you don’t miss anything.

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My Thoughts on Outer Beauty

Is Outer Beauty Even Important?!?!?!

Why Should It Matter?!?!?

Ladies! I have good news for you! Yes, It does matter and Yes, it is important! And I’ll tell you why.

In Psalm 139:14 it says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. How amazing is that! In Gods eyes we are all made perfectly how he waned us to be with no flaws. He doesn’t make mistakes. That means that we can rest and be “Godfident” in God’s opinion of us instead of relying and searching for the worlds unperfect opinion. When we do listen and comfort others words or opinions a lot of times we end up getting insecure and hurt. God doesn’t want that for us. Read his word and declare it over your life. You ARE fearfully and wonderfully made. So, put those blinders on and listen to God’s opinion over anyone else’s because his input is perfect and valuable.

Now that we know that we shouldn’t comfort the opinions of others. We should also know that in 1 Samuel 16:7 it talks about how the world focuses on the outer appearance but God looks at the inner appearance. Because the world “focuses” on what people look like on the outside and one of our biggest purposes as christians is to share the news about God’s unconditional love and amazing grace to the world we need to link the gap and represent God on the outside.

Every woman and/or girl wants to feel beautiful. I know for me when I do the things that make me feel a little more better like my makeup I feel unstoppable. I’m not distracted by my appearance or what people think because I myself looked in the mirror and I know God’s opinion.

Makeup can be really fun and stress relieving really. I know my 30 minute “get ready time” is the most relaxing and best part of the day. I want to encourage you guys to try something new or spend a little extra time getting ready in the mornings. In this outer beauty category I want to have fun and teach you guys everyday stuff that you can incoroporate into your makeup routine. So you can feel unstoppable and be confident not only in yourself but “Godfident” because you know Gods opinion of you.

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